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  1. This is another method I’ve been told: To subscribe just open Blog link from my email in your browser. You will see a little symbol on right hand side of screen (towards the bottom of the page) and a place to enter your email address to subscribe.

  2. Is there anything that you can do for Mary Sue Shields (#R7703 MDOC) of Lowndes county who was charged with first degree murder, found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without parole by Judge Jim Kitchens for a New Years Eve drunken fist-fight gone horribly wrong on the dance floor of Club Elite?

    • It’s impossible to give legal advice when all you can know about a case is what you read on the internet. But her case is very old and at this point, since the statutes of limitations have passed, she will have to have really good issues to get relief now. She was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in a bar fight situation which seems rather like too much punishment under the circumstances. Which brings up a point that needs to be discussed. I know for a fact that straight-up murders in Hinds County where both perp and victim are what most of us know as thugs are offered pleas of one to three years to manslaughter. And by murder, the facts often involve the victim and the perp getting into an argument about something most of us would find ridiculous whether it is a five pound bag of marijuana (assuming there is such a thing) or the female one of them is “dating”. The perp surprises the victim in a parking lot and starts firing away. Now this is pretty much murder but in Jackson you can serve as little as a year for this. To me this seems to show that we really do value some lives much less than others. The point, though, is that the sentence you get in Mississippi DEPENDS MOSTLY ON WHAT COUNTY your case is in. This is no doubt a problem throughout the United States. The feds “solved” this problem with sentencing guidelines which were as absurd as something out of ALice in Wonderland. Although not so absurd as the fact that they are still being used although found to be unconstitutional. Once a bureaucracy . . . .

      The second thing that needs to be discussed is that patch of Missisippi wherein Ms. Sheilds was convicted. I can only urge you to read the case of Quintez Hodges v. State of Mississippi. Start at page 19 if the opinion is too long for you.

  3. Jane~

    Thanks for the reply.
    I do not personally know Ms. Shields, but I have followed her case through the local Columbus Packet Letters To the Editor. I reside in Lowndes county and I am registered to vote there. I have heard (hearsay) scuttlebutt that Judge Kitchens–before or during the trial– admitted to Ms. Shields’ mother that he was aware that the deceased, Larry Martin, “threw the first punch” on the Club Elite dance floor.

    Ms. Shields was offered a plea, but she chose to go to trial, maintaining her innocence. I assume that the jurors were swayed by the testimony of Dr. Haynes that the ultimate cause of Martin’s death was from blunt force trauma, although Hayne admitted that Martin’s autopsy revealed an enlarged heart and other health issues. There are claims by the prosecution that the fight lasted for over twenty-minutes. Her appeal for a new trial was denied:

    As stated before, I do not know Ms. Shields, but I do know Ronnie Mitchener, and, IMHO, Judge Kitchens’ conduct in that “kidnapping of Lee Boterf” case(no trial) should be grounds for the removal of Kitchens from the Bench.

  4. If you want a new judge (and few honest people, I think, will deny that you guys need one), you need to find a good opponent and then start making noise. It can be done. I hope this blog will be a place people can discuss issues like this. It is really hard for non-lawyers to know what is going on.

    This is a brief in the kidnapping case. No court reporter? Really?

    • Jane~

      Thanks for the link.

      No court reporter, indeed. I saw Ronnie Mitchener in Starkville last Summer, so I assume that at some point in time he was freed from prison. As a side note to the long read, just last year Mitchener’s “victim” Adam Boterf was a prosecution witness in a sexual molestation case in newly-elected Lowndes circuit Judge Lee Coleman’s court. Boterf claimed that his father-in-law was sexually molesting his(Boterf) ten- year old daughter, using a battery-powered back-scratcher and other sexual toys. When someone wrote a Letter To the Editor of the local weekly, The Columbus Packet, pointing out that Boterf was the witness against Ronnie Mitchener, Judge Coleman uncermoniously halted the trial. The Packet reported that Boterf left(fled?) the State with his family to Texas(GTT).

      I recall, too, that Adam Boterf was involved in providing prosecution witness testimony in a sexual molestation case down in Noxubee county, resulting in the accused being sent to prison. Noxubee county..what a Hellhole of Mississippi justice!

  5. No Perry Mason moment for Eddie Lee Howard–Dr. Michael West recants last week’s recantation. Sadly, I see Judge Howard letting the conviction stand. But in doing so, bringing down the wrath of Barry Schneck etal. Maybe this will end up opening Jim Hood’s can of worms over in Lee Abraham’s office.

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