Oral arg. – MSSCT – 7/24/2019 – a.m.

At 10:00 the MSSCT will hear an interlocutory appeal in Katherine Grace Short v. Oxygen Media, et. al. The issue is venue. The case is interesting because of the nature of the lawsuit.

Short filed suit in Harrison County against various parties after Oxygen Media broadcast an episode of Cold Justice called Beyond the Grave. The show’s theory was that Katherine Grace Short murdered her late husband, George Tyrone Breland. She made claims for (1) defamation; (2) tortious invasion of privacy through publicity placing a person in a false light; (3) tortious invasion of privacy by appropriation of another’s name or likeness for an unpermitted use – commercial gain; and (4) tortious invasion of privacy by the public disclosure of private facts. All of Kathie’s claims arise out of the August 12, 2017 initial publication and broadcast of the Episode. Defendant Darren Versiga was the only resident defendant and he moved to transfer the case to Jackson County since he is a resident of Jackson County, and (2) various alleged acts and omissions giving rise to Kathie’s Complaint occurred in Jackson County. The trial court granted the motion and Kathie filed an interlocutory appeal.

Short brief

Oxygen Media brief

Short reply brief

Watch the argument here

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