Oral arg. – MSSCT – 7/23/2019

At 10:30 the MSSCT will hear the case of Maria E. Thompson v. Dennis Holliman and Allstate Property & Casualty Insuance Company.

Thompson and Holliman had an accident in a parking lot. In 2014 Thompson filed suit against Holliman and her underinsured motorist carrier, Allstate. Thomson designated Jason Walton as an expert accident reconstructionist and provided Walton’s CV and Expert Report. Holliman filed a Motion to strike Mr. Walton’s opinions, asserting that Walton’s opinions were not scientifically reliable, as there were no calculations or data provided. The trial court entered an order striking Jason Walton. Thompson then re-designated Walton and provided a new report that included reliable scientific data, calculations, and conclusions specifically tailored to the case at bar. Thompson again filed a motion to strike which the court again granted. The jury returned a verdict for Holliman. On appeal Thompson argues that the trial court erred in striking her expert a second time.

Thompson’s brief

Holliman’s brief

Watch the argument here.

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