Oral arg. – MSSC – 6/18/2019

At 10:30 the Mississippi Supreme Court will hear the case of Charles Araujo, et al v. Governor Phil Bryant, et al., the case that challenged the law that required school districts to share their tax levies with charter schools. When a student enrolls in a charter school, the school district where the student resides sends a pro rata portion of its ad valorem revenue to the charter school pursuant to MCA § 37- 28-55(2). Parents of JPS students filed suit arguing the law was unconstitutional. The chancellor found that the law did not violate Section 206 of the Mississippi Constitution which allows a school district to levy an ad valorem tax “to maintain its schools.” The case includes issues of standing as well as the issue of whether the language of Sect. 206 restricts the school district to spending tax levies only on its schools.

Parents’ brief

State’s brief

Parents’ reply brief

There are lots of amicus briefs which you can look up here

Watch the argument here

Even if you aren’t interested in this issue, the oral argument should be worth watching just to see some fine appellate advocacy.

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