Oral arg. – COA – 6/12/2019

At 10:00 the COA will hear the case of Annis Willis Ranier v. River Oaks Hospital, LLC.

Ranier worked at River Oaks Hospital for 30 years despite having a severe allergy to latex. In 2011 she was a patient there and undergoing a venogram to test the relative condition of the veins in her legs. Prior to the procedure, a technician had her blow on a syringe which had a latex glove on the other end of it. This injured her lungs.

Rainer sued in December 2013. In April 2017, River Oaks filed a Motion for Summary Judgment, alleging that no expert had been identified by Rainer to prove negligence and causation. Rainer asked for a continuance which was denied. At the hearing on the motion in May, 2017, Rainer produced a statement (but not an affidavit) by expert Dr. D. Winn Walcott that River Oaks was negligent. The trial court granted summary judgment and Ranier appealed.

Ranier’s brief

River Oaks’ brief

Ranier’s reply brief

Watch the argument here

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