Oral arg. – COA – 5/29/2019

At 1:30 the COA will hear the case of M&R Builders, LLC v. Williams Equipment & Supply Company, Inc. and Triangle Construction Company, Inc.

Williams Equipment rented metal concrete forms to be used by the subcontractor M&R Builders in two projects for the general contractor, Triangle Construction Company, Inc. When Williams wasn’t paid, it sued both Triangle and M&R in chancery court for $31,922.79. The chancellor found that M&R was responsible for paying for the forms and awarded Williams Equipment $31,922.79 for the principal amount, $18,654.50 in attorney’s fees, and $328.60 in other fees and costs for a total of $50,905.89. The court awarded Triangle more than $15,000, to include
a $10,000 award of attorney’s fees. On appeal, M&R argues that the case should have been heard in the circuit court and that the proof showed that Triangle was responsible for paying to rent the forms.

M&R Builder’s Brief

Williams Equipment’s Brief

Triangle Construction’s Brief

M&R Builder’s Reply Brief

Watch the argument here

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