Decisions – MSSC – 4/4/2019

Hand down list

Phillip Earl Young v. State of Mississippisuccessor PCR – This is Young’s fourth PRC petition challenging a conviction for felony evasion and automobile burglary.  The Court is fed up with frivolous successor PCRs and  orders that Young may not file any more with regard to these convictions unless he pays the filing fee.

Joseph Stevenson v. State of Mississippisuccessor PCR –  This is Stevenson’s third PCR.  The first two were time barred and this one is a successor and also outside the statute of limitations. “Stevenson is hereby warned that future filings deemed frivolous may result not only in monetary sanctions, but also in restrictions on filing applications for post-conviction collateral relief (or pleadings in that nature) in forma pauperis. ”

Mississippi Commission on Judicial Performance v. Judge Jimmy McGee –  judicial misconduct of a justice court judge (yawn) – Judge McGee is a  justice court judge in Alcorn County.  He and the Commission have agreed to the facts and punishment of  a public reprimand and a fine of $1,683.34. The MSSC approves the findings.  Apparently Judge McGee had a problem making rulings in civil cases in a timely manner (not a problem if you are on the federal bench!).  The Commission found 27 such cases.

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