Decisions – COA – 2/26/2019

Hand down list

State of Mississippi and Deloris Roy v. Brian Runnelsprison discipline – Brian Runnels was serving time for armed robbery, etc. He was written up for unlawful contraband and being in an unauthorized part of the prison.  Runnels appealed by filing a complaint in the Sunflower County Circuit Court.  That court granted relief finding that MDOC had no evidence to support the charges against Runnels.  MDOC appealed. The COA dismisses the appeal because Runnels has since been released on appeal.

Rodney J. Wilkinson v. Stephanie Wilkinson custody/contempt between two terrible  parents – Rod and Stephanie were married in 2009 and separated in 2011. In 2015 they agreed to an  irreconcilable differences divorce.  in March 2015. Stephanie was granted primary physical custody of their four year old daughter Olivia and Rod was to pay $505 a month in child support.  The two continued a sexual relationship and there were numerous instances where one or both parties because volatile and behaved stupidly.  A year after the divorce, Rod moved for contempt and to modify custody.  Stephanie counterclaimed for contempt.  The hearing took place over six days and Rod and Stephanie aired every horrifying detail of their post-divorce relationship. The chancellor found Rod in contempt for  failure to pay child support from February through August 2016 in the amount of $2,175.81, and for not returning Olivia at the close of two holiday weekends in 2016. He found both in contempt of the order prohibiting them from speaking to one another in a derogatory or disrespectful manner in front of Olivia. Stephanie was awarded  $3,700 from Rod due to his contempt and  $4,933
unrelated to contempt. Finally, the chancellor prohibited the parties from communicating with one another in any form, unless it related to telephonic visitation with Olivia or other specified reasons.  Rod appeals. The COA affirms.

Lauren Lee v. Beau Bramlett –  custody –  Lauren and Beau had a child out of wedlock and lived together for five years thereafter.  They split up and Beau filed a complaint to establish child custody, seeking child support and temporary and permanent legal and physical custody of Gregory.  A temporary order allowed for shared custody.  When Lauren moved from Hattiesburg to  Madison with her new husband and their newborn, Beau filed an emergency petition asking for permanent physical custody of Greg. The  court awarded primary physical custody to Beau  and joint legal custody to both parties. Lauren was granted visitation every other weekend.  She appealed. The COA affirms finding no manifest error in the chancellor’s holding with regard to the Albright factors.

Pre se PCR appeal affirmed:

Ocean Roberson v. State of Mississippi




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