Decisions – COA – 2/19/2019

Hand down list

Thaddeus L. Jarvis, Jr. . State of Mississippi introduction of Facebook videos taken from defendant’s facebook account –  Jarvis was convicted of  armed robbery, kidnapping, burglary, and conspiracy to commit armed robbery based on a Madison home invasion.  After Jarvis and a man named Gregory Trigg came up as suspects, detectives checked their social media accounts and found on Facebook videos posted 8 days after the home invasion showing them standing beside a white car with a roll of cash on the console. In the videos Trigg wore a Presidential Rolex like the one that had been stolen and Jarvis wore a gold coin necklace identical to one stolen from the home. On appeal Jarvis argues that the introduction of the videos was error. “Because we cannot say the videos’ probative value was substantially outweighed by any danger of unfair prejudice to Jarvis, we find no abuse of discretion in the circuit court’s admission of the videos.”

Zartavios Devonta Jones v. State of Mississippilesser included instruction – Zartavious Jones was convicted of armed robbery after he arranged to meet 16-year-old  Nicholas Brusseau at Brusseau’s house. Jones had a friend drive him to Brusseau’s house and he got out of the car and executed the trade. When he got back in the car he told his friend  that he had not handed over the jeans he was supposed to trade. He was indicted for armed robbery but at trial he asked for an instruction on petit larceny since there was no evidence he had displayed a weapon.  The request was denied. On appeal he argues that the evidence was insufficient and that it was error to deny him a lesser included. The COA finds there was sufficient evidence but reverses on the failure to instruct on the lesser included of petit larceny.

Pre se PCR affirmed:

Jess Lee Green v. State of Mississippi

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