Oral arg. -MSSC – 9/18/2018

At 1;30 the MSSC will hear the cases of Miss. Gaming & Hospitality  Comm’n Assoc. v. Diamondhead Real Estate, LLC and Mississippi Gaming Assoc. consolidated with Miss. Gaming & Hospitality Assoc. v. R.W. Development, LLC, MAS, LLC and Miss. Gamimg Comm’n.

RW and  Diamondhead  filed applications for gaming site approvals with the Commission. A hearing was to be held before the Gaming Commission on February 16, 2017.   MGHA filed a request under the Mississippi Public Records Act for
information related to the RW and Diamond head applications and  filed a letter opposing the  applications.  The Commission denied the applications.

RW and Diamondhead appealed the decisions to the Harrison and Hancock
County Circuit Courts respectively pursuant to M.C.A.  §75-76-121(1). They each served  MGHA with the Notice of Appeal but stated in the notice that they did not believe that  MGHA was a party of record.  MGHA moved to be made an appellee in both appeals.  The circuit courts denied the motions but allowed MGHA status as an amicus curiae. MGHA sought reconsideration which was denied. It then filed requests for  interlocutory appeals which were granted.


Miss. Gaming & Hospitality’s brief

Diamondhead’s and RW’s brief

Miss. Gaming & Hospitality’s reply brief 



Watch the argument here


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