Decisions – COA – 7/31/2018

Hand down list

Desmond Jamar Patterson  v. State of Mississippiintroduction of Facebook posts – Patterson was convicted of attempting to murder Kelin Edgeston, his one-time friend with whom he had had a falling out.  In April of 2016 they had an altercation and Patterson fired at Edgeston three times hitting him the back of the head.  On appeal he argues that the evidence was insufficient (rarely a winner) and the the trial court erred in allowing the state to introduce  posts from   Patterson’s Facebook account in which he admitted to wanting to kill Edgeston and then admitted to shooting him.  Patterson failed to object at trial and the COA finds the admission does not rise to plain error.  Patterson testified and denied the veracity of the posts.

J.E., Natural Grandmother and General Guardian of A.C., a Minor, and C.A., Natural Mother and Next Friend of A.C., a Minor v. Jackson Public School District –  sex assault at school/Tort Claims Act – A 16-year-old  special needs female student at Callaway High School had sex in a school bathroom with a  19 year old special needs student.  The parties dispute whether it was rape but mostly they dispute whether the school had obligated itself to provide the female with an escort on school premises.  The female student’s  family sued the Jackson Public School District.  The trial court ruled against the family after a bench trial. The COA affirms finding that the trial judge was charged with weighing the evidence and the Court cannot say that he was wrong.


Pro se PCR appeal affirmed:

James Lee Thomas v. State of Mississippi

Justin Peterson  v. State of Mississippi 


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