Decisions – MSSC – 7/19/2018

Hand down list

Henry Earl Harvey  v. State of Mississippimurder – Harvey was convicted of murdering Eddie Briggs.  Briggs lived with his girlfriend  Jasmine Brown and with their friend Shondra Gardner at an apartment in Harrison County.  One night they were hanging out in the apartment with Harvey  drinking, smoking spice, and using cocaine.  Eddie was being cruel to Jasmine and Harvey mentioned that if he  “offed” Eddie, he did not want anyone to say anything about it.  Eddie and Harvey then got into a fight.  Harvey left the apartment, went to his car, and got out with a gun and shot Eddie through his eye. Eddie died from his wound.  Harvey’s appellate lawyer filed a Lindsey brief attesting that he could find no issues. the MSSC affirms.

Andre Jermaine Thomas  v. State of Mississippishoplifting –  Thomas was convicted of shoplifting after he and Anthony Ledet  entered a Sam’s Club in Gulfport in February  2015. loaded  two flat-screen television boxes onto a flat cart, and then pushed the cart past the cash registers to the store’s exit.   As they approached the exit,  Ledet  faked a heart attack in order to allow Thomas to leave the store.  When Ledet was released from the hospital two days later, he was arrested and he disclosed the name of his accomplice. Thomas’ appellate lawyer filed a Lindsey brief. The MSSC affirms.


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