Oral arg. – COA – 7/18/2018

At 11:00 the COA will hear the case of John Tate Campbell v. Harrison County Board of Supervisors, et al.

Campbell was walking on the beach near the corner of Courthouse Rd and Beach Boulevard when he fell 8 to 10 feet into an open culvert.  He broke his leg and it became infected. He sued Harrison County, and the Harrison County Sand Beach Authority.  The trial court granted summary judgment for Harrison County finding that the culvert was not a dangerous condition since even Campbell admitted it was open and obvious in daylight.

Campbell’s brief

Harrison County’s brief

Campbell’s reply brief

Watch the argument here

One thought on “Oral arg. – COA – 7/18/2018

  1. Jane, the Appeals Court affirmed on 11-15-2018. However, Chief Judge Lee wrote a very interesting dissent which was joined by four other judges. You should also read the Circuit Court’s Judgment in this case. It is terrible.

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