Decisions – COA – 2/20/18

Henry Hinton Jr.  v. Brian Ladner, Warden –  prison rules violation – While an inmate at the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility, Hinton was issued two  rule-violation reports (RVRs)  for verbally bribing a correction officer and pursuing a relationship with the officer after he left a note in a box  asking her to put any leftover pizza she had in
the trash, and he “would be happy to dispose of it.” He was found guilty and lost all privileges for a month.  Hinton pursued his administrative remedies and then filed an appeal in circuit court which he lost.  On appeal, the COA affirms.

Charles D. Easterling v. Lajuana Easterling –  modification of alimony –  The Easterlings were married for 37 years when they divorced.  Charles agreed to pay  monthly periodic alimony of $2,500 and pay the mortgage note on the marital home.  In 2015 he lost his job on an oil rig and asked the court for a downward modification.  The court agreed and lowered the alimony from $2500 to $1500 a month.  Charles appealed arguing that his complete loss of income merited a larger decrease or that he not pay any alimony at all.  The COA affirms.

Earnest Bell  v. State of Mississippiattempted vehicle theft – Bell was convicted of attempted vehicle theft after he was found emerging from a car which had all the signs of someone having tried to steal it by tampering with the steering column.   On appeal the Office of Indigent Appeals filed a Lyndsey brief attesting that it had read the record and could find no issues.  Bell was advised he could file his own brief and did not. The COA affirms.

Amos Henry Edwards  v. State of Mississippi –  ineffective assistance – Edwards was convicted of sexual battery involving the seven year old son of his father’s girlfriend. On appeal he argues that his trial lawyer was ineffective  with regard to challenging the introduction of Edwards’ written confession.  The COA finds the record insufficient to address the ineffective assistance claim and affirms without prejudice to raise the same claims on post conviction.

Pro se PCR appeals affirmed:

Derrick Stokes  v. State of Mississippi



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