Oral arg. – COA – 1/25/18

At 1:30 the Court of Appeals will hear the case of Terry Lee Ing v. Song Adams

Terry Ing leased a basement and parking lot of a building in Holly Springs from Song Adams for $2,500 a month.  The lease was for five years and contained an option to purchase.   Four days before the lease was set to expire,  Ing  hand delivered a letter that stated his intent to exercise his right to purchase the property.  Song refused and on the day the lease was to  expire sent Ing a letter from an attorney stating that Ing was  in material breach of the contract.  Ing then withheld rent and maintained his presence at the property.  In March 2015, Song filed suit for  unpaid rent and taxes and to have Mr. Ing ordered to vacate. Ing counterclaimed.  The trial court found in favor of Song and ordered Ing to pay back rent and taxes and to vacate the property.  Ing appealed claiming that the trial court’s findings were not supported by substantial evidence.

Ing brief

Song brief

Ing reply brief

Watch the argument here.

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