Oral arg. – Miss.S.Ct. – Oct. 10, 2017

At 10:00 the Mississippi Supreme Court will hear the death penalty case of Sherwood Brown v. State of Mississippi.  Brown has been on Mississippi’s death row since 1995.  In 2012, the Mississippi Supreme Court granted his petition to have DNA tested.  Testing showed that blood found on Brown’s shoe was male blood and, thus, could not have come from any of the female blood present at the crime scene.  Nor did DNA found in a bite on one of the bodies correspond to Brown’s DNA.   Both the blood on Brown’s shoe and the bite mark played major parts in the state’s presentation of evidence. Brown thereafter filed a PCR in the trial court. The trial court dismissed it on the grounds that the Miss.S.Ct. granted permission to Brown to have the DNA tested but not to proceed in the trial court.  Brown then filed a motion to vacate in the Miss.S.Ct.

Brown pcr petition

Brown states response

Brown rebuttal brief

Watch the argument here

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