Oral arg. – Miss.S.Ct. – Sept. 19, 2017

At 1:30 the Court will hear the case of Estate of Cyndy Howarth, et al, v. M & H Ventures

This case arises out of a tragic plane crash on January 16, 2012, in which Richard H.
Howarth, Jr. was killed when the plane he was piloting crashed on January 16, 2012, shortly after takeoff nearly Philadelphia, Mississippi.  Six years previously,  Howarth created a Montana Limited Liability Company, M & H Ventures, LLC, for the purpose of investing in real estate.  Howarth was the only member of the LLC.   The airplane involved in the crash was purchased in October of 2011 by M & H.  Howarth’s estate sued M&H as well as the person responsible for servicing the plane,  Tracey Easom.  The trial court dismissed M&H on summary judgment holding that a party cannot sue itself.  Howarth appeals.

Howarth brief

M and H Ventures brief

Howarth reply brief

Watch the argument here.

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