Oral arg. – Miss.S.Ct. – Nov. 14, 2016

At 1:30 the Court will hear Rickey Thompson v. Lee County Democratic Party Executive Committee.

Rickey Thompson was a three-term Justice Court judge in Lee County Mississippi who had no clue what being a judge entails.   He was removed from office in May 2015 by the Mississippi Supreme Court for numerous violations including abuse of the contempt power. Mississippi Com’n of Judicial Performance v. Thompson, 169 So.3d 857 (Miss. 2015). This was at least the third JPC case against Thompson and it seems pretty clear Thompson has no business being a judge.  Undaunted by the ruling, Thompson ran for the same position and, despite that fact he is completely unfit for office (what is it with voters lately?),  he received 55% of the vote over four opponents in the Democratic primary.  The  Lee County Democratic Executive Committee refused to nominate him based on the fact that he had been removed from office.  Thompson filed suit against the Democratic Party Executive Committee.  The trial court denied relief and this appeal followed.

Thompson’s argument is simple: he meets the qualifications for office set forth in the Constitution.  He also argues that the neither the Lee County Election Commission nor the Judicial Performance Commission had the authority to disqualify him.





Watch the argument here.

Thompson blames racism for his troubles.

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