WP – “Expert witness goes nuts during questioning for Mississippi death penalty case”

Washington Post writer Radley Balko, who has a book about   Steven Hayne and Michael West in the works,  reports that Michael West gave an interesting deposition in April in the Eddie Lee Howard case.

THE WITNESS: You know what’s relevant to my opinion?

MR. FABRICANT: What’s that?

THE WITNESS: I said if you know what’s relevant to my opinion, then let me go home and you answer the questions.

MR. FABRICANT: That’s what I’m trying to do right now is —

THE WITNESS: Can you read minds?

MR. FABRICANT: No, I’m trying to —

THE WITNESS: Try to think what I’m thinking now.

MR. FABRICANT: You’re thinking that this guy is a jerk and I want to get out of here.

THE WITNESS: No, no. It would take 5 years of improvement to get you to a jerk.

MR. FABRICANT: Okay. Let me ask you about the — you testified previously that —

THE WITNESS: Sociopath.


THE WITNESS: Not jerk, but sociopath.

Here’s the article. 

3 thoughts on “WP – “Expert witness goes nuts during questioning for Mississippi death penalty case”

  1. What is not generally known is the role that Dr. West played in exposing the conspiracy by Chancery Judge Robbie Taylor, the Hattiesburg Police Department and a bevy of lawyers in the shakedown of the estate of a Picayune businessman. It all began when a public defender threatened to expose the conspiracy and was threatened by the conspirators to expose alleged sexual involvement by the lawyer with a black defendant. The Public defender drove into the woods and blew his brains out with a 38. cal. pistol. .The public defender’s father was a local Hattiesburg dentist and knew of Judge Taylor’s role in the shakedown. He approached Dr. West with this information and it was a few weeks later that Judge Taylor was found dead in his home. The first responders to the death scene were HPD deputies that were part of the conspiracy. Dr. West, who was the Forrest coroner at the time, was then called and pressure put on him to not order an autopsy. West persisted, knowing of the conspiracy, and demanded an autopsy which did reveal death by drug overdose–suicide. One of lawyers in the conspiracy was caught burning evidence behind his office as investigators closed in. Mike Moore was able to have that trial moved to Pascagoula where the attorney was found not guilty. I think that only one lawyer was sentenced to prison time.
    Dr. West is not evil man. In his defense, Dr. West said that bite-mark evidence should never be the compelling and convincing evidence that would lead to a conviction. Barry Schneck is saying the same thing on eyewitness testimony.
    Dr. West lost his coroner’s job to a Baptist preacher in the next election.

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