Oral arg. – COA – Aug. 25, 2016

At 1:30 the COA will hear Marci Sklar Teal v. Elaine Jones, an alienation of affections lawsuit in which the jury found for the plaintiff but awarded her zero.   I’m guessing oral argument was granted for entertainment purposes.

The plaintiff  is Marci Sklar Teal who is represented by Chuck McRae who doesn’t believe in alienation of affection lawsuits.  Bland v. Hill, 735 So.2d 414 (Miss. 1997)(McRae, dissenting) (“No family dispute can be less appropriate for resolution by judges and juries than those involving matters of the heart”).  One has to assume the only  reason this lawsuit was brought is because  Elaine Jones is loaded.

John and Marci were married in December 2005. John was a convicted felon who was on probation during his relationship with Marci.   John worked as a boat captain and was home for only a few weeks out of the year.  John asked Marci for a divorce in January 2008. Four months after he married Marci, John met Lainey and it was love at first sight.   They began an affair three months later. John asked Marci for a divorce in January 2008 and the divorce was final in June 2008.

According to Marci, a few months after her divorce, she and John reconciled with each other and resumed their relationship from the fall of 2008 to the spring of 2009. She testified that in the spring of 2009, she discovered e mails between John and Lainey and that is how she discovered their relationship.  At that point, she ended her relationship with John.  Marci testified that she preserved the emails for use in this case,  but she deleted all of her emails between herself and John. When Lainey attempted to get access to Marci’s computer to the the lost e mails,   Marci  testified she threw one of her computers away, and that her work computer was being stored by an ex boyfriend.  When ordered to produce the computer, she claimed it had been sold to an unknown buyer.

Marci raises some issues mostly with regard to evidentiary rulings. If your life is missing soap-opera-like drama, you may want to immerse yourself in the briefs.




Watch the argument here

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