Oral arg. – COA – June 29, 2016


At 10:00 the COA will hear the workers comp case of Lee Manfredi. AMS Staff Leasing, Dallas National Ins., JKS Construction, Harrell Contracting Group, Zurich American Insurance Company, Antonio Mondragon and Charter Oak Fire Insurance.  There’s no “versus” because the parties disagree on who is suing whom.

In March 2012 Manfredi was working on the third floor of some scaffolding when he hell and suffered serious injuries. He filed a petition to controvert against a bunch of companies all of whom denied that Manfredi was their employee.

The AJ temporarily ordered that  Harrell and Zurich were responsible for payment of indemnity benefits and continuing medical benefits pending a final determination.  At a subsequent  hearing,  Mondragon did not appear.   The AJ then precluded Mondragon and Charter from participating at the hearing. Both the AJ and the Commisison found Mandragon and Charter to be the actual employer and found them responsible for all reasonable and necessary medical treatment.


Manfredi’s brief

AMS Staffing and Dallas National Leasing’s brief

JKS’s brief

Charter Oak and Mondragon’s brief

Harrell and Zurich’s brief

Watch the argument here

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