Judge Reeves explains Miss.’s speedy trial problem


In Rodrick Patterson v. Hinds County, Mississippi

Rodrick Patterson filed this pro se lawsuit seeking compensation for 23 months of incarceration in the Hinds County Detention Center. His time in jail was pointless, he says, because the criminal charges he faced were ultimately dismissed. He wants to hold the government accountable for violating his constitutional right to a speedy trial.

Hinds County has now moved for summary judgment. It seeks to be released from this suit. Its motion is fully briefed and ready for review.

The Court has considered the facts, arguments, and governing law. Like many others in Mississippi, it has taken notice of our speedy trial problem. Speedy trial violations are widespread and worsening. Parts of Mississippi have significant problems honoring this constitutional right. There is no solution on the horizon.

Patterson opinion

2 thoughts on “Judge Reeves explains Miss.’s speedy trial problem

  1. Judge Kidd usually sets aside 14 to 16 weeks per year for criminal trials. The trials are usually murder or other serious violent crime that take most of that week to try, so one case per week is tried. Do the math; its impossible to bring all cases promptly to trial. Even if civil and criminal cases were given the same number of weeks for trials, it would not matter. The State of Mississippi must greatly expand the Circuit Courts in Hinds and other metro areas if any improvement is to be made. A while back JJ tried to compare Birmingham and Jackson in criminal caseload, which by cases pending, is similar, however it turns out Birmingham as about 12 judges that hear nothing but felony criminal cases, while Jackson has 4 part time criminal judges that hear felony crimes. As I said, do the math…..

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