Oral arg. – COA -June 1, 2016

At 10:00 the COA will hear UMMC v. Leontyne Littleton, a med mal/Tort Claims Act case.

In February 2009 Cleopatra Littleton was seen by several doctors over several days complaining of a severe headache and other symptoms. Eventually she landed at UMMC which diagnosed her with meningitis, prescribed her antibiotics and admitted her to the floor for monitoring.  A few days later, her brother found her dead in her bed at UMMC.  Her family sued and the trial court found UMMC liable and awarded the maximum of $500,000.  UMMC appeals and raises several issues including 1) that the court should not have let an ER doctor testify to the standard of care for a hospitalist,   2) the court erred  in failing to grant a directed verdict where the only evidence of causation was purely speculative testimony, that Cleopatra would have recovered from an unknown illness and received an unknown treatment that would have saved her life, had she been admitted to the ICU and 3) that the  trial court’s judgment in favor of Littleton was not based on substantial credible evidence because Littleton failed to provide competent expert testimony on the issue of causation

UMMC’s brief

Littleton’s brief

UMMC’s reply brief

Watch the argument here


At 1:00 the Court will hear Latanya Buckner v. State. Buckner was charged along with  Jamil Chancellor’s with the armed robbery and armed carjacking of Buckner’s beauty salon coworker.  She was found guilty. On appeal she raises a plethora of issues. For one thing, much of her transcript was lost. Just before trial she asked to be able to fire her attorney and hire another one because her first attorney failed to get a copy of the transcript of her co-defendant’s trial as was promised.  The judge refused her to substitute attorneys. SHe also argues that she was not permitted to impeach Chancellor.

Buckner’s brief 

State’s brief

Buckner’s reply 

Watch the argument here

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