Oral arg – Miss.S.Ct. – May 18, 2016

At 1:00 the Court will hear Daner Ford v. State

Ford was charged with murdering Marvin Stockett in a hail of gunfire in the early morning hours of September 7, 2008. One of the witnesses at his trial testified he had seen Ford at a club the night before.  He was asked if there was any bad blood between himself and Ford and the witness replied “back in ’94 he shot me.” The same witness testified that Ford got into an argument with two men at the club and stated he was going to kill one of them. And even later that night, Ford hit the witness in the head.

On appeal, Ford argues it was error to elicit testimony about the 1994 shooting as well as t he altercation at the club that had nothing to do with Stockton, that it was error to grant a flight instruction, ineffective assistance (he elicited information that Ford’s co-defendant had already been found guilty, failed to object to 404(b) evidence ), and that the court should  not have sentenced as an habitual wothout a bifurcated hearing.



Ford’s brief

State’s brief

Ford’s reply brief

Watch the argument here

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