Oral arg. – Miss.S.Ct. – March 30, 2016

At 10:00 the Miss. S. Ct. will hear Gregory Colburn v. State.  Colburn was convicted of exploitation of an elderly person, Ruby Hill.  He met Ruby in 1990 when he sold her and her mother an insurance policy. They became friends.  In 2011, he arranged for her to stay at Heritage House after he found her on the floor where she had lain for several days after falling. Ruby established a joint checking account and Greg used it as the basis for securing a loan to purchase a bus for his ministry.

According to the State, Colburn came to the attention of authorities when  Colburn tried to deposit Ms. Hill’s Social Security check, but Ms. Hill signed a affidavit claiming it had been forged.

On appeal, Colburn argues that the Vulnerable Persons Act is unconstitutional “because prosecutors could seemingly bring criminal charges against any caregiver within the borders of Mississippi.” He also argues sufficiency of the evidence and that the court erred in refusing to allow his handwriting expert testify.

Colburn’s brief

State’s brief

Colburn’s reply brief

Wacth the argument here

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