Dr. Smith still at Whitfield

A loyal reader has provided links to the latest on Dr. Arnold Smith, the Delta oncologist accused of hiring a hitman to kill attorney Lee Abraham for some reason.  The hit man, Keira Byrd, was killed in a shootout.  According to the Columbus Dispatch, Dr. Smith  “has been confined at the Mississippi State Hospital in Whitfield since 2014, after a judge ruled him mentally incompetent for trial on capital murder and conspiracy to commit murder charges.”  He has now filed suit against  Attorney General Jim Hood and officials of the Mississippi Department of Mental Health claiming they’re illegally confining him to cover up how the alleged hit man died in April 2012.

 Columbus Dispatch article

At one time you could pull up videos on the internet of Dr. Smith recounting how every object in his house and/or office had been replaced by an identical thing.   This is called a delusional misidentification syndrome.

7 thoughts on “Dr. Smith still at Whitfield

  1. Interesting….. I happen to know for a fact that the real Paul was dead by the time they shot the cover for Abbey Road.

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  2. As Dr. Smith’s son, I can verify that my father was not delusional about his furniture being replaced. I saw first hand that mirrors on furniture that were stained before, were being replaced with new pine furniture with no mirror stains. I also recognize that it seems odd, and at this time I have no rational, but there were several replicas around our house. My father collected very fine silverware, art, and furniture. I was trained to tell the difference in woods from different trees by their grain. I believe it was the cleaners replacing objects with less expensive replicas. My father just has a strange way of communicating some things, but his intent and reality testing was good at this time.

  3. I don’t necessarily believe the FBI was involved in a cover-up on this matter, but an FBI agent came to visit us about the furniture swap. There was an entire bedroom set that was replaced with a cheap pine replica, some large gems that were replaced with smaller gems, very fine 1800’s silverware replaced with nearly identical tin replicas, a small oil painting that was missing, a missing stamp collection, and my music CD book collection of about 50 disks was also missing. The chair that he is talking about in the video, I cannot verify that it was a replica. He was talking about a change in the rose wood and fabric, which only that expert he was talking to knew the difference in the original chair and the replica. He really liked intricate chairs, so I believe him. I will say that the other replicas were remarkably similar to the replaced object, so much so that if it was not pointed out to me, I would have never known the difference. Although, once pointed out, it was very clearly replaced replicas. Oddly, some of the 1800’s silverware was left, so we could even compare the original silverware and tin silverware side by side. The only difference was the font of the S on the back of the silverware was slightly different, and the comparing weight while holding an original silver fork and a tin replica. I think my father was making a point of the carefulness that was taken with the replicas.

  4. I never doubted your father. The “coverup” that I referred to is the incident at Abraham’s office. I know that you cannot get into that here, but I talked with someone with intimate knowledge of the crime scene. After receiving the 911 call, he arrived and witnessed the hallway in Abram’s office floor laden with empty 9 mm magazines and spent shell casings. There was a livid discussion of that event in Greenwood at NMissCommentor by the bevy of lawyers that posted there, including the “gang of four” grandmeisters of supercilious ridicule and syrupy-sweet sarcasm, who had already had your father drawn, quartered and laid out to dry. One of the bloggers reported that the “FBI was involved.”

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