Oral arg. – Miss.S.Ct. – Feb. 10, 2016

At 10:30 the Court will hear HAS Electrical Contractors v. Hemphill Construction

Hemphill was the general contractor for work done at Buccaneer State Park. It hired HAS to do electrical work.  HAS filed suit alleging that it was owed $50,000.  Hemphill counterclaimed that it was owed $23,677.   The jury awarded neither party anything and the court granted attorneys fees of $90,000 to Hemphill.  HAS appealed arguing that the Hemphill used two of its four peremptories on black male jurors.

The lower Court in the case sub judice committed reversible error when: (1) The trial Court failed to make a proper Batson analysis because the issue of pretext was never addressed, which was reversible error; and (2) The Trial Court found that a Batson analysis was not necessary because HAS’ Batson objection came after only one strike of an African American, which the Trial Court found to be insufficient to be a “pattern” of racial discrimination, and thus the Trial Court concluded that a Batson analysis was not necessary.

HAS also takes issue with the award of attorneys fees.

HAS brief

Hemphill’s brief

HAS’ reply brief

Watch the argument here


At 1:30 the Court will hear Dr. Willie Wilson v. Delbert Hosemann.

Wilson is a businessman from Chicago who is running for president.   He is fighting to be placed on the  ballot for the Tuesday, March 8, 2016, Democratic Party Presidential Preference Primary in Mississippi.

Wilson’s brief

Secretary of State’s brief

Watch the argument here

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