Oral arg. – COA -Feb. 9, 2016

At 1:30 the COA will hear Craig Cleveland v. Deutsche Bank.  

Kerrie Lewis  owned a tract of land in  Prentiss County. Deutsche Bank held the mortgage.  on it. In 2009, Lewis  failed to pay her property taxes and it was sold for for $88  to Sinecure.  Deutsch Bank got notice of the sale but did not take any action to recover the property.  Because the tax deed matured and the redemption period expired, Sinecure recorded the tax deed on January 4, 2013.   Lewis, though, did not receive notice of the sale or of the  redemption period.

Lewis conveyed her interest in the property to Craig Cleveland who  filed a petition to quiet and confirm.  The chancellor found that (1) Cleveland had standing to sue; (2) the tax sale was invalid as to Lewis; (3) Deutsche has a valid lien.    Cleveland appealed. Deutsche Bank cross appealed.

Cleveland’s brief

Deutsche Bank’s brief

Cleveland’s reply

Deutsche Bank’s cross appeal reply

Watch the argument here.

2 thoughts on “Oral arg. – COA -Feb. 9, 2016

  1. Jane, fyi…your link to oral argument is to a written record….not the video.

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