Hilburn refuses to hold hearing

In an extraordinary display of hubris and bad spelling (“resend” instead of “rescind”; “of the sum 30 lawyers”), Judge Hilburn has refused to hold a hearing as ordered by the Mississippi Supreme Court on whether he should recuse himself in the Singing River case because he does “not believe that the factual allegations set out in Denham’s and Burton’s motions require the Court’s recusal or the recusal of the Special Master.”

On January 28, 2016, the Mississippi Supreme Court ordered him to hold a hearing.

On the panel’s own motion, we find that Special Appointed Judge L. Breland Hilburn shall, within the next ten (10) days, conduct a hearing and issue a ruling on the matters of recusal of Special Appointed Judge L. Breland Hilburn and Special Master Britt Singletary.

Read it for yourself here. Hilburn order

Sun Herald’s coverage


5 thoughts on “Hilburn refuses to hold hearing

  1. Ah, elected Mississippi judges and justices. Is there any doubt as to why we are the laughingstock and whipping boy of sensible legal scholarship? About the only question remaining is will the justices that are beholden to the attorneys in the SRHS mess attempt to run cover for their supporters or will they figure discretion is the better part of deprivation of honest service and light Hilburn up*? Like the various situations that idiot judges create – Weill v the PD, Eaton v. Frisby, etc. – this looks like it too will end in yet another ding on MS.

    * Hilburn, for those that aren’t aware, and amongst other things, has been the recipient of benchslaps in the past for stupid-ass f*ckups, including in the Scruggs debacle.

  2. Someone sent me a link to the relevant docket in the Jackson County case and it appears 40 – FORTY! – attorneys were sent notices of the hearing the day before Hilburn issued his FU order, sans hearing, which is similar to what started this sideshow in the first place. If it turns out there was an ex parte meeting to settle the issue of the ex parte meeting, “Wow” will seem like the understatement of the week.

  3. The recusal hearing was supposed to take place tomorrow. I understand the Denham Barton plaintiffs were seeking discovery on information such as Hilburn’s reimbursement requests.

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