Singing River pension mess – updated


I got an e mail today about a motion filed yesterday in the Mississippi Supreme Court by plaintiffs in the Singing River pension mess seeking recusal of Judge Breland Hilburn claiming that he “he entered orders on several motions and stayed the cases 16 hours before the scheduled hearings and without ruling on his recusal. The orders were filed less than an hour after the ex parte meeting between several parties.”

Here’s the motion (it’s docketed at 2016-60).

Add here are videos posted on Youtube of the alleged secret meetings

Video one

Video two 

WXXV coverage

WLOX coverage

According to WLOX, the Special Master appointed in the case, Britt Singletary, “confirmed a meeting took place at his office Tuesday afternoon.”


“There was nothing secret about it,” Singletary said. “It had nothing to do with any pending motions in state court. It was about the federal court case.”

Singletary said when the meeting began, Judge Hilburn made it clear the meeting would focus solely on the status of the Singing River Pension Fund and the status of the federal court case related to the proposed class action settlement. According to Singletary, since the meeting was not about the state case and Denham and Barton have refused to join the federal settlement, there was no obligation to include them in the meeting.

“The state court cases were severed, so they had no right to be there,” Singletary said.

A proposed class action settlement to fund the retirement plan is pending before U.S. District Judge Louis Guirola. A hearing in that case is scheduled for Wednesday morning.

The Miss. Supreme Court ordered   Attorney Brett Williams, Attorney Kelly Sessums, Attorney and former Judge Stephen Simpson, Attorney William Guice, Attorney James Reeves, Attorney Matthew Mestayer, Scott Taylor, Special Master Britt Singletary, and Special Appointed Judge L. Breland Hilburn to respond by January 26.

Singing River responds.   Lost of arguments about how the motion is improper before getting to the merits.  Singing River also moves to strike some of the exhibits.

Hilburn responds 

Brett Williams and Kelly Sessums respond

Scott Taylor responds

William Lee Guice responds

Stephen Simpson responds

The Court on Jan. 25 asked Judge Hilburn to answer the question “What was the basis for entering a stay of trial court proceedings in Chancery Court of Jackson County, Cause No. 2014-2653-NH?”   The response is due by noon Wednesday, January 27, 2016.

Judge Hilburn’s response to the Jan. 25th order.

Singletary’s response 

James Reeves’ and Matthew Mestayer’s response




6 thoughts on “Singing River pension mess – updated

    • He has been hiding in Jackson at Baptist
      He has been throughly protected from having to say one word. No deposition nothing

      His buddies on the coast have spent millions of dollars and gonna spend 6.4 mm more on attorneys to keep Anderson , Crews, barnes taylor and others from having to testify and to give them immunity from any future possible claims

      Calling it a mess is be overly polite

      Srhs leaders and their attorneys along with JCBOS has $?@& the retirees and currebt employees at Singing River Health System

      The retirees need help from anyone they can get right now.

      • He’s referring to Thus Blogged Anderson. One of the few legal (and other things) blogs in Mississippi. It disappeared leaving his loyal followers bereft.

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