Scott Colom beats Forrest Allgood!

I don’t have the numbers but thanks to Facebook’s new search feature, I can say that Scott Colom ousted Forrest Allgood in the DA’s race for the district that includes Starkville and Columbus.  Allgood was one of the worst district attorneys in the country.  A victory for justice today!

The Columbus Dispatch reports that Colom got 20,724 votes (53.9%) to Allgood’s 17,685 votes (46.1%).

And here’s Radley Balko’s take on it in the Washington Post.

2 thoughts on “Scott Colom beats Forrest Allgood!

  1. Balko has never mentioned the false prosecution for first degree murder of Mary Sue Shields in Columbus. Shields was assaulted on a dance floor at the Club Elite on a News Years eve night by Larry Martin. Martin died of a heart attack during the fight on the dance floor. Hayne admitted that Martin’s autopsy revealed blocked arteries but the direct cause of his death was Shields’ actions hitting Martin with a barstool.
    She was sentenced to life in prison without parole.
    In the case of Hood, Balko never mentioned the actions of Hood in committing Dr. Arnold Smith to prison(Whitfield) without benefit of a speedy trial before his peers. The whacking of Byrd over there In Greenwood by Hood’s hatchet men never got the press it deserved. I spoke to a Greenwood policeman–he took the 911 call–who claimed that when he got to Abraham’s office, the floor was littered with 9mm shell casings and empty magazines. He said one of the hitmen shot himself in the foot. He also claimed that office furniture was being removed to “clean” the crime scene. He saw no “assault rifle.” Let Dr. Smith take the witness stand. If he’s “crazy” let him have his Captain Queeg moment for a jury to see. I have a feeling this is a FBI coverup.

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