Oral arg. – Miss.S.Ct. – Oct. 20, 2015

At 10:00 the Court will hear the case of Gerald Scafidi v. Jo Ann S. Hille.  The parties are siblings who own  Wheel-Inn Trailer Park, Scafidi’s Wheel-Inn Restaurant, Inc., and Wheel-Inn Park & Campgrounds, Inc.  Jo Ann filed suit seeking to partition the property and also brought a derivative suit on behalf of the corporation running the restaurant and trailer park. Gerald was dissatisfied with the way the Court ruled and appealed.  He argues that Jo Ann did not have standing to bring the derivative claims; that the court ordered relief outside that allowed by the dissolution statutes, etc.

Scafidi’s brief.

Jo Ann Hille’s brief

Scafidi’s rebuttal brief

Watch the argument here.

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