Judicial Performance recommends public reprimand for former Justice Court Judge Clinkscales

L. Nicole Clinsckales was a Justice Court Judge (and judge of the Municipal Drug Court) in Columbus.  Judicial Performance opened an investigation based on her having “made numerous statements on Facebook and Twitter which could be reasonably construed to show racial bias and prejudice. Many of the statements were reported in the media including in a local newspaper. Respondent admitted to making the following statements:

June 18, 2013.  “People are no longer hanged from trees. They are crucified of their character with lies and innuendo.,,

June 20, 2013  “What is happening now is a modem day mutiny.,, “If my people don’t wake up and walk in the authority God has given, you can very well look up and be right back in bondage. And just as before – they will shove their will down your throat and never give it a second thought! Stop pandering and apologizing and RULE!”

June 21, 2013  “But we can’t expect the media to accurately reflect the feelings of our community. Time for another plan.” “And don’t misunderstand me. I have an unabashed love for my people. I know the power we have and it’s time to walk in that privilege!”

September 19, 2013  “I am simply amazed that those who created and established the very institutions and systems that those who were still in the cotton fields during their inception now operate in are complaining about how those systems (i.e. business travel, discretionary spending, police power) are playing out? Give me a break from the manufactured concern. It’s a classic case of separate but unequal. In other news, ‘it ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun!’ #don’tbefooled.”

October 24, 2013  “The elders always say ‘just keep on living’ because anything you haven’t seen you will see eventually. This morning was one of those moments. I can’t believe what my eyes have seen and my ears have heard. I never thought rd see the kind of ‘tom’foolery AGAIN that I have seen in what is supposed to be an arena of education and higher order thinking. We are yet reduced back to having to defend an opposing view and race is the ditty little word no one wants to say yet it continues to be tossed around. I am SO over board member Turner!”

October 24, 2013  “Some folks aren’t amenable to change. I understand Sister Harriet Tubman when she sighed and said she could have freed more if only they knew they were slaves! You have to first liberate the mind!” October 24, 2013 – “And to further quote Sister Tubman … NEVER wound a snake … KILL IT!”

She ordered people into drug court who did not consent to it.  Endorsed a political candidate.  She  was arrested and charged with failing to obey a police officer in June 2009.   And the list goes on.  It comes as a shock that she had the good sense to admit to the violations and resigh.

You can read the Findings of Fact and Recommendation here.  Columbus Dispatch article here.

At this point I would usually argue that this is all the more reason that we should not allow non-lawyers to be justice court judges.  However, a search of the Mississippi Bar Lawyer Directory shows that L. Nicole Clinkscales has been a member of the Bar since 1999.

One thought on “Judicial Performance recommends public reprimand for former Justice Court Judge Clinkscales

  1. Jane, its a better argument for why Judges – any Judges – should not be elected, than an argument that JCJ be lawyers – even if she wasn’t such a fine upstanding member of the bar and the judiciary.

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