Oral arg. – COA – Aug. 27, 2015

At 10:00 Thursday, the Court will hear the case of Linda Carlson v. Larry Brabham.

Linda and Larry lived together for seven years until 2019 when Larry kicked Linda  out of the house.  In 2011, Linda filed a complaint in chancery court  alleging causes of action against Larry  for “sweat equity,” “joint venture,” “fraud,” “unjust enrichment,” “partnership,” “constructive trust,” and “equitable division” and seeking money from her alleged interest in the house in which they lived and a logging business.  At trial, the judge granted Larry’s motion to dismiss after Linda rested her case in chief.  Linda argues that Larry promised that they were partners and she relied upon his promises when she shelled out money for various things.  Larry claims he repeatedly told her that her name wasn’t  going on anything until she divorced her husband.

Carlson’s brief

Brabham’s brief

Carlson’s reply brief.

Watch the argument here.

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