Seersucker for summer

noticed this question in the advice  column of the latest issue of Garden & Gun .

Is there a way to wear seersucker without looking like a lawyer in Mobile?

The answer is here.

And the inference is that anything associated with lawyers is to be avoided at all costs.

7 thoughts on “Seersucker for summer

  1. I stumbled on a very nice seersucker suit for $60 at a Knoxville Steinmart about 18 months ago. They had two and I bought them both, so I can debauch myself.

  2. There’s not a lot of Gun in Garden & Gun. But it’s a beautiful magazine. Every month someone does a story about their beloved dog that will make you cry. Just a spectacular mag. Rick Bragg’s paean to the grouper sandwiches of his youth was a particularly excellent read. I also get Food and Wine delivered to my house although I’m not sure why. I have no use for articles on wine. When I get wine with a meal I just ask for whatever tastes most like kool-aid. At one point I decided the only way to deal with being a lawyer is to be an alcoholic (I mean, obviously) and I set forth to become one. Alas, I usually get a hangover before I get drunk. I hate the taste of alcohol and I reaaaalllly hate hangovers. Plenty of addicts in my family but I didn’t get that gene. I just got the one that makes one responsible to the point it becomes a failing.

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