Judge Weill files response in HCPD fracas

And here it is.

Apparently he is basing his authority on the right to remove counsel for being ineffective.

“While the trial court does not believe that APD Kelly’s improper conduct has risen to the level of reversible error at this point, the undersigned believes that the procedural finding restricting indigent appointments to competent counsel, thus excluding APD Kelly, effectively forecloses this potential issue. Considering the worsening nature and the gravity of APD Kelly’s misconduct, it was only a matter of time before she was to be found ineffective by an appellate court.”   See page 10 of the Response.

2 thoughts on “Judge Weill files response in HCPD fracas

    • Hard to guage that allegation without knowing the specifics. I did a pcr for a guy who was accused of assaulting a cop. The defendant found out the first day of trial that his lawyer was representing the cop in a civil matter and the lawyer never cross-examined the cop on the fact that his treatment after the altercation was for an asthma attack. As far as I can tell, the Bar has done nothing insofar as that egregious conflict. Lowndes County Circuit Judge James Kitchens didn’t see any problem either. A unanimous COA reversed the conviction.

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