Miss.S.Ct. orders response in Weil v. HCPD dispute

This order was entered today.

From the Order:

After having considered the motions, responses, attachments thereto, and numerous pleadings and attachments filed by the petitioner in no fewer than fifty-five other matters now occupying the Court’s docket and having separate docket numbers. the Court has reached the conclusion that the gravamen of pctitioncr’s conflict with the Circuit Court .Judge arises from Judge Weill’s apparent decision to disallow Hinds County Assistant Public Defender Allison Kelly from appearing before him. It is, therefore, ORDERED:

I. That Hinds County Circuit Court Judge Jeff Weill, Sr., shall have until Friday. April I 0, 2015, to submit to the Court a detaikd account of the factual basis or bases. including any transcripts. affidavits, or other documents in support, for his decision to refuse to allow Allison Kelly, Esq., to appear in court before him, and to provide any additional legal argument supporting his right, if any, to do so; and

2. The Petitioner and Allison Kelly, Esq., shall have until Wednesday, April 15. 2015. to submit a response thereto.

Magnolia Bar amicus brief

The Marshall Project weighs in.

As does Simple Justice.

The most in depth news story courtesy of Buzzfeed.

From the Jackson Free Press, County May Not Pay for Private Defenders in Weill, Public Defender Dispute

“Addressing the board this morning, board attorney Pieter Teeuwissen said the case involves Weill “arguably usurping your authority by hiring private attorneys and expecting you to pay for it.” Teeuwissen stopped short of making a recommendation to the board, suggesting a closed-door executive session to discuss pending litigation.”

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