Oral arg. – Wed., Jan. 28, 2015

At 10:30 the Miss.S.Ct. will hear an interlocutory appeal, Dr. John Mallette et al v. Amy Dye and Todd Dye

The issue is venue.  As the defendants put it, the case  presents the  question of whether local physicians can be deprived of their statutory mandatory and exclusive venue right to be tried only where their own treatment occurred.

In 2013, the Dyes filed a med mal case against seven medical defendants in the First District of  Harrison County.  The Biloxi Defendants moved to sever or transfer venue to the Second Judicial District of Harrison County.  The trial court denied the motion and the Biloxi defendants sought this interlocutory appeal.

Biloxi Ob Gyn and doctors  brief

Amy and Todd Dye’s brief

Biloxi Ob Gyn’s rebuttal brief

Amicus Brief by the State Medical Board and others

The argument can be heard here.

At 1:30 the Court of Appeals will hear Tammi Crossley et al. v. Chrissi Moore et al. 

XL Public Adjusters, Inc., was a company on the  Coast that adjusted insurance claims on behalf of property owners.  The company had three shareholders: John Templet, Tammie Crossley, and Chrissi Moore. In 2008, Chrissi Moore sued XL , John Templet and Tammie Crossley in chancery court alleging that the other two shareholders were trying to force her out of the
company. She sought an accounting, to dissolve the company, and to stop the other shareholders from selling their shares in the company.  During discovery, Crossley and Templet’s attorney withdrew. The judge gave them 30 days to obtain counsel and set the case for trial. When they failed to answer discovery after a year, Chrissi moved for sanctions. The judge sanctioned them by striking their answer and entering a default. Crossley and Templet appeal.

Crossley and Templet’s  brief

Moore’s brief

Crossley and Templet’s rebuttal brief

The argument can be heard here.

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