Oral arg. – Miss.Ct. of App. – Jan. 22, 2015

at 10:00 the Court heard arguments in Shannon Rayner v. State. I’m sorry I failed to preview it before hand but with the flu most of my energy has been concentrated on breathing between coughing spasms.  The good news is that you can still view the argument because the Court is now using Youtube to broadcast arguments.  This is a vast improvement from before except lately the sound for Court of Appeals arguments is so bad I can’t hear them.   I’m having the same problems with this one. (Which is weird because I can hear the Miss.S.Ct. arguments perfectly well).

Shannon was convicted of murdering his wife Sonya.  She was found dead in a fire in a pool of blood. The coroner found that she probably died from blunt force trauma.  His arguments on appeal deal mostly with the sufficiency of the evidence.

Shannon’s brief

State’s brief

The argument can be viewed here.  If other viewers can hear the argument, I’d like to know so I can tell whether it is just me.

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