Texas Monthly’s profile of lawyer Joe Jamail

is titled “The Greatest Lawyer Who Ever Lived.”  At 89 years of age, Jamail is as combative as ever.  It’s an interesting read. The writer describes Jamail after a day in trial – he’s sitting in a restaurant over a drink and  “luxuriating in his Jamail-ness.”

Theoretically, his methods—relying on hypotheticals, rattling opponents, getting unfavorable facts to the jury as early as possible—can be taught in law school. And despite constant talk of whiskey-drinking, he devotes long hours to preparation. But none of that gives any sense of why he wins so big. He absolutely loves the fight, delights in getting as deep in an opponent’s head as he can. That’s why, when attorneys tell Jamail stories, they mention the money he’s won but focus on things he does that few other lawyers have the nerve to try and almost none could get away with. In depositions, with no judge around, he’s hit attorneys in the face and called countless more witnesses “asshole” than just the one who testified against Eubanks. He once took a $675,000 judgment against Sears into the retail chain’s downtown Houston location, commandeered the intercom, and informed employees that he’d just taken over the store.

Youtube has lots of Joe Jamail videos.  This is one of them.

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