Oral argument – Miss.Ct. of App. – Oct. 8, 2014

Several cases are being argued today in the Miss.Ct. of Appeals.

First up at 10:00 a.m.  are three consolidated cases that all arise out of the looting of the estate of DeMon McClinton. (DeMon inherited the money from his grandfather, Aaron Henry).  DeMon’s  father Thomas McClinton and the estate’s lawyer Michael J.  Brown (not to be confused with the 8 other lawyers named Michael Brown in Mississippi) are  alleged to have misappropriated substantial funds from DeMon’s  estate.  Apparently Thomas purchased properties with funds from the estate but the properties were titled in the father’s name only.  Brown loaned a cemetary owner, Lionel Shackelford,  $550,000 from the estate.  This went on for years until DeMon’s new lawyers moved for an accounting.  Thomas, Brown, and Shackelford were all ordered to cough up the money they took.  All three appealed.  Brown is serving 40 years  time for embezzlement.  He is currently incarcerated in the Leake County Correctional Facility.  Brown is said to have embezzled some $1.2 million from the estate.

Shackelford’s brief

DeMon’s reply.

The briefs in the Michael Brown case are not online.  But here’s the Miss.S.Ct.’s order disbarring him.  It contains an explanation of the case.

Thomas McClinton’s opening brief is not online.

DeMon’s reply in the Thomas McClinton case.

McClinton’s rebuttal.

UPDATE: I just clicked in to watch and there is nothing on the screen.  Went back to the docket and the argument has been cancelled.  Sorry about the confusion.  Still an interesting case.

At 2:00 p.m. the Court is hearing the case of Tinseltown v. City of Olive Branch.  Tinseltown was seeking to open a theater in Olive Branch.  It asked for a parcel of land  to be rezoned from agriculture/residential to planned commercial. This City did so but rejected Tinseltown’s propeosed project text.  Tinseltown appeals.

Tinseltown’s initial brief is not online

The City’s brief

Tinseltown’s rebuttal. 

All of the arguments can be viewed live at this link.  But the link is only operational beginning a few minutes before each argument.

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