Legal news too interesting to ignore (even though not Mississippi related)

Service via Facebook:

A New York Family Court magistrate has ruled than a man can serve his ex-wife with notice via facebook where he has exhausted ever other available means. The NY Post reports:

Seeking to cancel his court-ordered $440-a-month child support based on their son having turned 21, Biscocho, in a July 6 affidavit, said he tried to reach his ex at her home, but was told that Antigua had moved out with no forwarding address.

A Google search also proved fruitless, and neither his son nor the couple’s daughter, 22, returned messages.

The photoshopping lawyer:

And in California, the Bar is seeking suspension of  a lawyer who has photoshopped herself into dozens of photos with celebrities and placed the photos on her website.  From the SFGATE blog:

A Los Angeles-based attorney who allegedly Photoshopped herself into pictures with A-list celebrities and high-ranking officials is at risk of having her State Bar license suspended after she posted the photos on her website and refused to take them down, court documents show.

Former clients aren’t impressed. Yelp reviews.   But she has a 6.1 rating on AVVO (whatever that means).

The International Business Times reports that she graduated from law school at Pepperdine and was admitted to the bar in 2004.

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