Stone County Pros. Attorney Tadd Parsons disbarred

According to the Sun Herald.

“The ruling came from a complaint filed by the Mississippi Bar Association alleging Parsons converted clients’ funds to his own use and owed a third party money a client had paid.”

Parsons was admitted to the state bar in 2001. He was a Wiggins Municipal Court prosecutor before he was elected county prosecuting attorney. He won the 2011 general election, defeating attorney Scott Gibson.

County supervisors have appointed Gibson to fill the position until an election is held.

Parsons also had a law practice in Wiggins.

The judgment was filed July 28. A copy obtained by the Sun Herald shows Parsons was given 30 days to notify clients he can no longer represent them. He also will be charged costs associated with the investigation.

Apparently this was the decision of the Tribunal. Parsons can appeal to the Mississippi Supreme Court but in order to practice law in the interim, he’d have to get a stay of the Tribunal’s judgment of disbarment.

The news stories make it sound like the Mississippi Supreme Court disbarred Parsons. But it was a tribunal appointed by the Court. Parsons can still appeal to the Miss.S.Ct. But that is why it would not be showing up on the Court’s docket.

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