Oral arg. – Miss.S.Ct. – Aug. 6, 2014

At 1:30 p.m., the Court will hear argument in Favre v. Jourdan River Estates.

Jourdan River Estates (JRE) was planning a 472 unit condo development on property north of I-10 in Hancock County. It has filed three lawsuits against persons (incl. Scott and Cindy Favre) it blames for its failure to develop the property. This particular lawsuit concerns the location of the boundaries of the adjoining properties as well as an easement in favor of JRE on the Favre property which Scott Favre gated. (A lot of the property was once Cinque Bambini property). Appellant Hancock County briefs the issue of which parts of Nicola Road are private and which are public. Another case in which JRE was seeking millions in damages against the adjacent property owners was dismissed and is at the Court on interlocutory appeal in Cause No. 2013-1139. There was a motion to consolidate the two cases that was denied. The Court did order that the ruling on the interloc. be stayed until the Court decides the issues in this case.

Favre brief

Appellant Hancock County’s Brief.
JRE Brief

Appellant Hancock County’s reply brief.

Favre’s reply brief.

Argument can be viewed here at 1:30. The panel is composed of Justices Dickinson, Pierce and Coleman.

2013-1139 briefs

JRE brief

Favre brief

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