Circuit Judge Marcus Gordon draws an opponent (in the it’s about time news)

The Neshoba Democrat reports that Circuit Judge Marcus Gordon has drawn an opponent. 

Don Kilgore has qualified as a candidate for Circuit Court Judge, Place 1, against incumbent Judge Marcus Gordon.

Kilgore, who is in his 10th year as Attorney General for the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, said it has been a lifelong ambition to be Circuit Court Judge.
“I feel a calling to public service,” Kilgore said. “These four counties have been generous to me and my family.”
Kilgore said he thought the timing to run was right. “This is my opportunity to give back and be a public servant to the community.” he said.

Kilgore graduated from Philadelphia High School in 1967. He earned both his business and law degrees from the University of Mississippi.
After graduating from Ole Miss, Kilgore served as a Judge Advocate General (JAG) Officer for the U.S. military for four years.
Before working with the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, Kilgore practiced law for 28 years in Philadelphia and was longtime attorney for the Neshoba County Board of Supervisors.
He is a member of First Baptist Church of Philadelphia.

 If you’re not familiar with Judge Gordon, just take it from me, the fact that he has an opponent is great news. 

Expect a lot of long-abused attorneys to be pulling for Gordon’s opponent.

3 thoughts on “Circuit Judge Marcus Gordon draws an opponent (in the it’s about time news)

  1. My dad was buds with Judge Cotton in high school (yes, I’m from there). Back then Carthage High School’s yearbook was called the Dido. Apparently the native tongue in Leake County was once Latin. My sister and I would pore over those annuals just fascinated by teenagers who all looked so much older. I’ll have to take some pics of the yearbook photos and post them. Vernon Reid Cotten was quite handsome if memory serves. So was my dad. Correction. It was called The Dido in my grandmother’s day. By the time my father and mother were in high school, it was the Tiger.

    Judge Marcus Gordon’s nickname is “The Ayatollah”. There’s a reason.

  2. Judge Gordon wins reelection. Apparently the meaner you are, the more likely you’ll be reelected. Meaning we are stuck with Tomie Green forever. And Shirley Byers makes the run off up in Lafayette County. All very sad.

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