8 thoughts on “Picture of Mississippi Supreme Court

  1. Much nicer than the old building. That black rectangle in the front lists all the justices names. I had not noticed that before. And the library is really nice. I guess this is technically the back of the building so the architectural features are not as interesting as they are at other angles.

  2. It looks much better in person. Especially if you worked in the old building and remember the floods and the accompanying sinus infections. And the crazy heat from the windows in the summer. And the fact that the AG’s office could file their briefs via dumbwaiter meaning they could file stuff after midnight with no one the wiser.

  3. “It looks much better in person. Especially if you worked in the old building”

    Oh, agreed, 100%. And now I’m sad no one told me about the dumbwaiter.

  4. I guess I am not old enough to remember the old building. I have always thought it a shame that only the side door is used. I guess it makes practical sense with the clerks office right there and limited foot traffic not justifying use of the “grand entrance.” But still, have they ever used the main High Street entrance?

  5. I drove by the front later (and took a photo from the street but a not very good photo). It is a shame. Are there doors there? And, if so, are they used by anyone? I will do some reconnaissance when time allows.

  6. Yes, there are doors on the High Street side. Inside is a scanner and security desk. If you enter this way, you find the Board of Bar Admissions and CLE offices on the right as you walk to the library entrance and grand staircase. Some nice portraits on this hall. Alas, the High Street doors are always closed, probably as a cost savings measure.

    The building also has a cool balcony on the fourth floor overlooking George Street. Great place to smoke or drink if it wasn’t state property. And have you seen the robe room? Regardless of what one thinks of the outside, it has some wonderful and beautiful features.

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