Palmertree interloc.

Shelly Ashley Palmertree is the Circuit Clerk of Warren County.  Rcently she was indicted for embezzlement. She began her tenure as Circuit Clerk in 2004.  Before that, her father, Larry Ashley was the Circuit Clerk and Shelly was a deputy clerk.   Over the years, the State Auditor investigated the clerk’s office regarding unearned fees being taken from civil and criminal  accounts.  The State Auditor eventually made a demand on Palmertree’s bond.  Palmertree then filed an action for declaratory relief in the Hinds County Chancery Court, Judge Thomas presiding. In February, 2014, the Auditor asked the Court to prohibit Palmertree from using her fee accounts to pay her attorneys and experts.  The trial court granted the motion over Palmertree’s objection that this very issue was before Judge Lackey on a bill of exceptions from a similar demand by the Warren County Board of Supervisors and should be decided there under the doctrine of priority jurisdiction.  Palmertree has filed a Petition for Interlocutory Appeal from Judge Thomas’ order. 


On April 9, 2014, the Miss.S.Ct. denied the interlocutory appeal.

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