Before the Miss.S.Ct. – March, 2014 – three disciplinary matters

Mississippi Bar v. Tyler – The Mississippi Supreme Court issued an order in January asking the Bar to explain why the case should not be dismissed for failure to serve Karen Wilson Tyler. No other information available.  Case to be submitted March 3, 2014

Mississippi Bar v. Scott David Beal – no docket entries for this one. It (whatever it is) is scheduled to be submitted March 5, 2014. 

And the results (on the March 27, 2014 hand down list)?


The Mississippi Bar v. Karen Wilson Tyler; Disposition: On the Court’s own motion, the Mississippi Bar’s formal complaint against Karen Wilson Tyler is dismissed without prejudice. The Mississippi Bar is taxed with the costs of this appeal. Pierce, J., for the Court. Order entered.

Mississippi Bar v. Joe Donald Pegram – Only the Bar’s rebuttal brief is available but the matter arose from a criminal matter handled by Mr. Pegram – a matter from which he eventually withdrew on the grounds he was not competent to represent the client. (Note: the Bar directory indicates he has been admitted in Mississippi since 1976). At that point, however, he had been representing the client for four years. Also at issue is the reasonableness of the $20,000 fee. The Bar is asking for a suspension of no less than six months. This matter is scheduled to be submitted March 4, 2014.

$20,000 looks like nothing when you read this guy’s story.
Or when you find out what this lawyer did.

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