U.S. S.Ct. argument – auto stop based on anonymous tip of reckless driving

Navarette v. California – is being argued today in the United States Supreme Court.  SCOTUS.blog has this preview.  But the question is whether police may stop a vehicle where the only reason is that it has gotten an anonymous tip that the driver was driving recklessly.  According to Scotusblog:   “The brothers’ lawyer took the case to the Supreme Court, relying heavily upon the Supreme Court’s 2000 decision in the case of Florida v. J.L., [529 U.S. 266 (2000)] declaring that police may not stop a person on the street for questioning based only on an anonymous tip identifying a particular individual and relaying word that that person had a gun.  Simple identification of an individual and an unexplained report of a gun do not make such a tip sufficiently reliable, the Court said.  And it said it would not create a firearms exception to its requirement that police must corroborate a tip before acting on it.”

oral argument

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