Judicial Performance seeking interim suspension of Chancellor Joe Dale Walker

In trouble over the handling of a substantial estate. The Commission makes it clear that it is rare for it to ask for an interim suspension. “The purpose of an interim suspension is not to punish Respondent or to jeopardize his case before the Commission or the Supreme Court. Rather the purpose is to maintain the probity and judicial appearance of any and all judges for the protection of the people and to preserve the integrity of the judiciary.” Judge Walker would still receive his full pay while suspended.


Show Cause transcript Vol. 1

Show Cause transcript Vol. 2

From the Magee Courier

The judge’s response

Walker’s attorney seeks continuance based on the fact he is in the legislature

The Judicial Performance Commission’s Response to the Motion for Continuance

Judge Walker made the news in 2011 when he issued an order requiring all parents of homeschooled children to provide him with their names and addresses. Homeschoolers objected and the Mississippi Supreme Court vacated Judge Walker’s order. See this article at Judgepedia.

More from the Magee Courier:
FBI may intercede

Judge Walker responds

Simpson County Legal System a disgrace (opinion)

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